Historic Irish Castle

Springfield Castle is an elegant historic Irish castle available to rent. Steeped in history,it is the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Muskerry, whose motto Forti et fideli nihil dificile which means “nothing is difficult to the strong and faithful”  underlies over 700 years of family history.

In their day, the Fitzgeralds were patrons to Irish poets and musicians.As you enter the impressive gateway to Springfield Castle a plaque on the wall commemorates Daithi O’Bruadair, a classical irish poet of the seventeenth century who lived at the castle with his patrons, the Fitzgerald family, recording their lives (and general events). He described Springfield, or Gort na Tiobrad as it was called in it’s Irish form during the time of the Fitzgeralds, as “a mansion abounding in poetry, prizes and people”

We hope you will enjoy something of the atmosphere and relaxation of those days.

The Fitzgeralds soon became, as the saying goes “more Irish than the Irish themselves” and had an oft-times difficult relationship with the British monarchy. In 1691 they had their lands confiscated for the third and last time and Sir John Fitzgerald went to France with Sir Patrick Sarsfield to continue fighting the English there, never to return to Ireland.

A younger son of the 20th Lord of Kerry, William Fitzmaurice, (cousins to the Fitzgeralds) then bought Springfield. His son, John, built a very large 3 story early Georgian mansion attached to the existing buildings The Fitzmaurices occupied Springfield Castle until Sir Robert Deane married Ann Fitzmaurice, the sole heiress, in 1780. He was awarded the title Baron Muskerry in 1781 and the title Lord Muskerry has stayed at Springfield Castle to this day. The castle was burnt in 1921 and rebuilt by “Bob” Muskerry the 5th Baron. The 9th Baron, Robert Fitzmaurice Deane, lives and works in South Africa at present, but his sister Betty and her husband Jonathan run Springfield Castle and look forward to meeting you.



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