Adopt a Deer

November 16, 2020

Adopt A Deer

At Springfield we look after deer and a long time ago we made a deal with Santa to supply his sleigh with Irish deer for his Christmas rounds in Ireland so the reindeer can have a little rest.Now you can adopt one of these deer that Santa uses for his special trip In Ireland. Choose from Beauty, Buttercup, Raindrop, Ivy, Jayne Doe, Willow, Precious, Gracie and Hurricane. Hurricane was born one very stormy night and is used to bad weather so takes Rudolfs place to guide the sleigh if it is stormy, foggy or snowy. Adopting one of these deer costs €25 and you get a cuddly deer toy, a fun fact sheet with a photo of your deer, a certificate of adoption and a personal letter from your deer telling you he/she will make sure that santa has your presents in the sleigh.Email [email protected] or text 0876319893 to order. Nationwide delivery.