Springfield is a castle run by a team of family and local staff who love to welcome guests and make their stay a great experience.

Springfield castle is owned By Robert Fitzmaurice Deane the 9th Baron of Muskerry. Robert and his wife Rita are regular visitors. Robert has funded the ongoing restoration in Springfield since 2006, most recently of the garden cottage where he and Rita stay when visiting Ireland.

Rob(9th Baron of Muskerry) & wife Rita
Rob(9th Baron of Muskerry) & wife Rita

The castle is run by Rob’s sister Betty, her husband Jonathan and their children Karen and Dan who all live and work on the estate. Jonathan’s legacy is 50 acres of hardwood trees which he planted with a view to future generations and the forest is now a fantastic amenity area for all our guests to enjoy. It has also created biodiversity with many rare species now in residence. Another benefit is the management of the forest produces the wood which creates sustainability through its use in heating the castle . Our own Timber from the woods was also used to restore the Tower house. Betty who grew up in Springfield castle began to develop the business in 1980 as a way to keep the buildings in good repair. She is also a talented gardener and organises the lay out of the gardens and planting of the flowers to have a constant supply for guests and for weddings, in any months where it is possible in the Irish climate. Dan is one of the chefs in the castle and was one of the driving forces behind getting the Green Room Café off the ground. He has experience in running events and teaches event management in third level education. Karen has done a Masters in management and marketing, has experience in event management and oversees the weddings and the running of the business as well as organising events. She was also instrumental in the development of the Green Room

Our Team

Much of renovation work has been done by Barry Hamiliton who is our master craftsman who has recreated the magic of the Tower House part of the castle through its loving restoration and his fantastic wood work. Padraig O Shea works on general maintenance but also has done numerous painstaking hours of pointing the castle as well as having experience in both cooking and gardening. Fernando loves nature and biodiversity and maintains the forestry and grounds. We have also have an amazing team of chefs and service staff who are a joy to work with.  Together we are the Springfield Castle team and aim to ensure you have an unforgettable experience here.