News & Special Offers

At Springfield we are continually renovating to ensure the highest quality to our guests. From the ceremony room in the 15th century Tower house to the events space The “Green Room” with an Argentinian Asado inside and a cool food truck parked just outside bringing new meaning to a fun and casual eating experience.

We aim to create unique spaces that you will not find at any other wedding/event location or accommodation. The “Green Room” is open on Saturdays only to the public from 10am to 3pm, between April and November. The rest of the time we ask people to respect the privacy of the residents at Springfield and the Castle guests.. We have had a movie shoot in Springfield called Killers Within which was  shown in a number of locations including in Limerick in the Richard Harris International film festival. It won a number of awards. At Springfield we try to support our local community and good causes. We donate to  Sli Eile, a local organisation helping people with mental health difficulties. Residents live in a farming community and run a bakery. We also support the Simon Community