At Springfield castle we aim to be as sustainable as possible with our own woodlands, sustainable organic farm and gardens.

In line with our sustainable ethos we are reducing our carbon footprint at Springfield Castle. Our heating is 95% run using wood grown in our 50 acres of broadleaf forest which we are managing under a continuous cover forest system. As the trees are thinned and pruned new seedlings are encouraged to replace and renew the forest . The best trees are favoured for sawmill logs that will be used for furniture and construction so locking up the carbon they sequester from the atmosphere naturally.

The thining’s fuel the heating system replacing oil heating from fossil fuels and the continuous replacement ensure a zero carbon footprint. Even our newly installed hot tub is in line with out ethos as it is powered by a wood fire.

The Broadleaf forest is also a delightful resource for guests at Springfield Castle with lovely pathways. There is a thatched Gazebo in the woods with a bbq for picnics or fine summer evening sundowners and dining. We aim to combat climate change as much as possible in Springfield and ask that our guests try to do the same while staying.

We work closely with An Tionad Glas the local organic school, taking on students for work placement every year as well as doing projects with them.